The Bike Shop @ Avon Valley Contractors

Eamon and Enrika Grogan are the business owners of Avon Valley Contractors, which takes under its umbrella of services and goods Earthmoving, Stockfeed and garden supplies and now more recently bike sales and servicing.

They bought the earthmoving business in Sept 2015 and 6 months later were offered the opportunity to buy the Stockfeed and garden supplies business. Operating from co-joined yards and having a good synergy, it made sense for the purchase. Interestingly enough when they bought the Stockfeed business, the previous owner was running a bike shop and repairs from the same premises. It was offered to include the bikes at that time but with a new earthmoving business and now a stockfeed business, it was decided that this would be too much to take on.

Fast forward almost 3 years later and whilst Enrika was in Northam Toy & Bike World picking up a few bargains in the closing down sale, Karen, one of the owners of Northam Toy & Bike World, approached Enrika to ask if she knew of anyone wanting to buy the bikes, as their buyer was no longer interested. Enrikas inital reply was no but she would keep her ears open for anyone interested but then as Enrika turned away, she thought hold on a minute, we have been looking for an additional product line to go in the Stockfeed shop for about 12 months and she thought this may well be it! An ask and you shall receive kind of moment. Enrika immediately had a good feeling about bringing the bikes into the store, so she ran it past the shop manager and Eamon and the rest is history as they say. Shop alterations were made and had a special Bike opening day in March 2019.

So far, the bikes have been a hit with their customers, old and new. Having really hands on staff in the stockfeed that are mechanically minded has been a tremendous help and they are loving carrying out bike repairs and helping customers chose bikes and accessories. Enrika says that bikes are a nice product to sell as they quite often involve children and are synonymous with freedom, outdoor fun, mobility and who doesn’t feel young on a bike?

Bringing back the bikes to Old York Rd is really a bit of a full circle for the business & it is a welcome addition for AVC.

We offer Afterpay and HUMM instore for that Buy Now Pay later option (bikes only)

The Bike Shop @ Avon Valley Contractors provides fast and efficient sales and service of all things bikes!

Humm available instore

A great range of Bikes and Accessories for everyone!

Afterpay available instore