AVC Stockfeed & Garden Supplies

Locally owned and operated AVC Stock Feed & Garden Supplies is your one stop shop for all your Stock Feed, Pet Food and Supplies, Veterinary Supplies and Whole Foods, Grooming and Pet Care, Saddlery, Landscaping Supplies including Soils, Sands, Mulches and Gravels, Cement and Pavers, Kanga Hire and Cherry Picker Hire with local delivery available making everything AVC easy.

We now have a 1.7T Excavator for hire!

At Avon Valley Contractors we stock an extensive range of products and are always happy to receive feedback on the products you’d like to see stocked. If we haven’t got it, we will do our best to get it and most orders are filled within a week.

Our friendly staff are helpful and are always willing to assist you with your enquiries and help you get started on your next project.

We have a convenient drive through with one of our friendly staff always available to load your purchases.

You will find us on Old York Road in Northam next to Midalia Steel. Pop in and say hi or give the staff a call on (08) 9622 1037 and let them make it AVC easy.

We look forward to seeing you in store and being of service.

Dog & Cat Food

Live Stock Feed

Livestock Feed

Pet Care & Vet Supplies

Pet Care & Vet Supplies


Saddlery & Grooming

Small Animal Feed

Small Animal Feed


Soils, Sands, Mulch & Gravel

Kanga Hire




Specialist Nutrition


Convenient Drive Thru

Cherry Picker Hire

1.7T Excavator Hire